The Online SHAP Test Centre
The online SHAP test centre provides an easy-to-use web-based interface for subscribers (hire and purchase customers of the SHAP) to obtain hand function scores from participant data. The simple process of converting SHAP times into scores is:

1) Enter the times from the SHAP tasks into the web interface, along with your username and password.
2) The six prehensile patterns (Functionality Profile) and SHAP Index of Function (IOF) is displayed on screen.
3) A PDF containing the times and scores entered is available to download for your records.

To enter the online SHAP test centre, please click the button below.

Click to Enter the

Online SHAP Test Centre

Please note, to use the online SHAP test center, you must have an active subscription as a result of the purchase or hire of the SHAP. If you do not have this (and hence an active username and password) you will not be able to obtain the scores from test results.
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